Netherlands Company register search

Just look at the Netherlands company register search. If you want to start a Dutch business, you will come across the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This institution registers all company entities and the company names. The first step is to check your new company name in their register by using their register search function. The Dutch law requires that every entity has to deposit their yearly account information in the Trade register so all the Dutch companies are up to date.

We from ‘Setting up your Dutch’ company have specialists in setting up Dutch businesses, so we are able to help you by the register search.  If you use the company register search function, you will see the next items on your screen;

– name of the Dutch entity

– registered address of the company

– correspondence details

– details about the company directors

– number of employees that works in the company.

We are happy to assist new Dutch company owners in their register search. All we need are the following documents for registering;

– deed of incorporation

– details about the company’s director(s) or manager(s)

– details about the shareholder(s)

– and a bank reference about the deposited share capital.

If you like us to process the register search for your company, please contact our experienced team