Looking for a deburring machine?

Looking for a deburring machine? Than at Q-fin you are at the right place. We offer you the best solution for deburring and polishing metal materials. Our company has an experience for more than 30 years with the deburring, grinding and polishing technique.

Products that look better

If you are using modern industrial equipment, like laser or plasma cutting machines, you will probably regularly deal with burrs on the material. These small nodes are not always visible, but they can impede the machines and the products. The burrs are caused by the force of the cutting machines. They can damage your machines, work materials and your products. By using a deburring machine, burrs will not become a problem anymore. This machine removes all the burrs and the sharps and produces smooth edges. The result? A more efficient and more fast production process and products that are just look better.

A deburring machine from a high quality

Q-fin offers a deburring machine from a very high quality. All our deburring machines are designed in-house by a team of industrial experts. Curious about our machines? Then just take a look at our website or contact us for more information.