Hardness Tester

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Hardness tester, manufactured by INNOVATEST, are important for various samples and applications. Furthermore, these testers are crucial for providing advanced solutions in test laboratories, robotic in-line solutions or quality assurance. It is made possible by INNOVATEST’s leading innovative mechanics and software and hardware technology.

Moreover, INNOVATEST testers like Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop and Vickers are manufactured according to the ASTM and ISO standards, which is why they are fully certified and accredited for use in ISO 17025 laboratories.

hardness tester

The manufacturer ensures that there is endless functionality, especially provided by the IMPRESSIONSTM hardness testing software and workflow control. Additionally, INNOVATEST uses advanced algorithms that utilise superior artificial intelligence (AI) for indent scanning. This is also made possible by the different accessories for these testers, like the indenters and hardness testing blocks with traceable certification.

Therefore, if you have any inquiries concerning specific customer demands, reach out to INNOVATEST and our team of experts and engineers will efficiently find the best fit for purpose solution or the best possible standard for you.

hardness tester

You can find the manufacturing head office of INNOVATEST in the Netherlands. The office is our centre of excellence. We also have our sales and services branches in Poland, Germany, China, Japan and the USA offer superior services and a warranty system you will find nowhere else.