Factors to Consider While Buying Darts

Purchasing the first set of dartboard and darts need a lot of things to consider. You may be in dilemma while choosing from steel tip or soft tip dart, expensive or cheap darts, lightweight or heavyweight etc. Here are some suggestions to choose the right one.

Tip of the Dart

Before buying a new set of darts, you need to decide what is the right choice for you, steel tip or soft tip darts. You can make the right decision by considering the facts like the type of your dartboard, the place where you are going to play etc. For instance, steel tip darts are the right choice for traditional bristle dartboards whereas soft tip darts are for electronic and magnet dartboards.

Material of the Dart

The factors like size, weight and sturdiness of the darts are determined by the barrel’s composition. Usually, brass, nickel, tungsten or combination of such metals are used to manufacture dart barrels. If you want the cheaper one, brass barrel is the perfect option. Nickel is more expensive and more durable. Tungsten is much expensive, and it is mostly preferred by the professionals.

Length and Shape of Barrel

Darts are available in diverse shapes and sizes, ranging from short torpedo style to long slim cylindrical shape. The length of your hands, the number of fingers you use with your dart grip, these are the maters of consideration while choosing the right length and shape. For instance, use of more fingers for grip requires longer barrel.

Weight of the Dart

Weight is the factor that affects performance of the player. So, the weight of the darts should be chosen depending on your throwing style. The heavier the dart is, the straighter it flies through the air. It is an ideal option for the experienced players to maintain precision. The weight of darts usually ranges from 16 to 26 grams, although darts with weight of up to 50 grams are also designed as per modern rules.

A personalized set of darts will help you play the game maintaining accuracy and improving skills.